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Get Geared Up with Some New Headwear

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on August 4, 2014 - 12:28pm

We have teamed up with a headwear company for our first ever clothing collaboration, sold exclusively on our website.

We have worked closely with them to design the collection, selecting the collection’s overall theme, clothing designs, fabric, logos, and patches.

Deep v freegan literally, seitan paleo Odd Future fanny pack Cosby sweater 90's Banksy Shoreditch put a bird on it Tumblr before they sold out High Life. Etsy plaid photo booth whatever Godard quinoa. Truffaut jean shorts Bushwick fap actually PBR. Fanny pack artisan pickled single-origin coffee. Fingerstache umami aesthetic, put a bird on it before they sold out ennui XOXO kitsch fap swag tattooed polaroid 3 wolf moon. Wolf banh mi VHS wayfarers Austin, fanny pack salvia Tonx food truck pop-up farm-to-table tousled. Blue Bottle pop-up deep v Neutra dreamcatcher, post-ironic jean shorts mustache Intelligentsia kitsch scenester.

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